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PODCAST: How to prospect for agency new business

lead generation new business strategy Feb 10, 2021

This podcast is for you if you are managing day to day client relationships in a creative agency. The aim of the podcast is to share insights and tips to help you add more value to the client's business, strengthen your relationships with your clients, develop your skills in account management and grow your agency's business. 

Jenny Plant from the Creative Agency Account Manager Podcast invited me onto her show to have a conversation around:


* Some of the biggest challenges we're seeing agencies have for approaching prospects right now

* Tips for how to get cut through when prospective clients aren't responding

* What I did to get a 50% open rate on one of my email campaigns

* What I find agencies need the most help with in the area of new business generation

* My thoughts on why some agencies are thriving at the moment

* Exactly what I believes you should be spending your time on in the area of new business depending on the size of your agency.

If you're working in agency new business or have aspirations to do so, this is a great interview and full of practical real life examples and advice.





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