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PODCAST: Winning new clients for agencies

agency marketing business development lead generation new business strategy Feb 16, 2021

I had the pleasure of talking with Rob Da Costa, agency owner and coach, on The Agency Accelerator on this week's podcast.

We’re talking everything to do with business development and some of the dos and don'ts of things you should and shouldn't be doing in your agency in 2021.

Topics we cover in this interview include

* Why business development is a longterm game 

* Trends that happened for agencies in 2020

* The difference between an agency that really succeeded last year and an agency that has stumbled or even failed

* Using email as a tool for business development 

* The ‘Client Service Hamster Wheel of Doom’

* What agencies should be doing this year from a business development perspective

* Finding things that work and engage with your target audience 

* Things that agencies should not be doing this year from a business development perspective 

* The ‘Mastermind Group Coaching’ programme


Hope you find this useful!

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