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My Top 5 Favourite Agency Podcasts

new business resources Aug 31, 2018

Who doesn’t love podcasts? I almost want to take up running so I can have more time to listen to podcasts! Usually I plug in my headphones on my train journey to London but I always find it hard to decide which one to listen to. Here are some of my favourite ones that the moment which I think Agency owners will find most useful.

  1. JFDI - this podcast by Matt Miller from Millsustwo is raw, honest and entertaining. He talks about “just f**king doing something - stop procrastinating, stop overthinking and just get on with it!”
  2. The Diary of a CEO - this is a podcast by the young (by my standards!) CEO of Social Chain. Although he’s only in his late twenties, he shares his experiences and honest thoughts of running a successful digital agency. He interviews other really interesting people in the industry. Again it’s raw and honest and that’s what I like about it.
  3. 2bobs - by industry veterans David C Baker and Blair Enns. Their podcasts are conversations between them on the “art of creative entrepreneurship”. It’s a grown up podcast for the Agency CEO.
  4. Small Spark Theory - set up by fellow new business expert Lucy Mann this has fast become a very popular podcast in our industry. It explores the small changes agencies can make to their new business and marketing efforts to get better results. Lucy interviews other industry leaders on this podcast.
  5. Movidiam - on this podcast the Co-Founder of Movidiam interviews industry leaders and professionals, it’s great to get an insight into other agency owners challenges and perspectives.

Creative Boom has also put together a longer list of podcasts in case you want more inspiration. Finally, I have plans to launch my own podcast (as soon as I can find the time!) so let me know what topics you would find most interesting.

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