Hey, I'm Lucy


A new business coach & mentor for agencies and freelancers.


I created the Agency Growth Academy to help you win bigger, better clients. 

About you

You're an agency owner who wants to get more strategic about new business and raise revenue quickly without wasting time on fluff, hype or hiring.

Because you are...

  • Looking to scale your agency and land those big clients you've been lusting after.
  • Constrained by budget and can't afford to hire someone to do your new business development.
  • Spending your time on brilliant client work, and not enough on filling your own pipeline.

If that sounds like you, The Agency Growth Academy might just be what you need. 

About me

I am a co-founder & Managing Partner of Cherry, a boutique new business consultancy and have delivered consistent results for leading agencies such as Wolff Olins, Coley Porter Bell and Conran Design Group, independent agencies, and also start-up agencies across the full marketing mix. 

I have been featured for 3 years running in the BD100 list, am listed in Creative Pool's top 25 Business Development Director list and I'm a mentor at Bloom UK.

When I’m not on the phone prospecting, crafting a punchy email or writing a new business plan, I can be found running around after my two boisterous boys, sea swimming, playing the piano or exploring new restaurants.



Let's Grow Together

Here are a few of my core beliefs:

  1. New business is hard, it’s tough and every day it just gets harder. This means agencies need to work harder to create stand out. It’s about crafting the right story, a message that resonates with your prospect, that considers their challenges, that solves their problems.
  2. Experience does matter. When access to senior marketers is so low, it is vital that when you get through, or when they do read your email, that you really know your stuff. You will quickly have your calls blocked or end up in the deleted folder if your approach looks spammy. With over 20 years in new business, I do know my stuff.
  3. New business is not just about new business! Having a plan in place to contact a list of your dream clients on a regular basis with case studies, newsletters, and more “all about me” stuff are not enough. You need to be telling your story at all levels, on social media, at industry events, at your own events and also making your story about your clients. It’s also not just about chasing down new clients but looking at existing client growth, referrals and your own network.
  4. New business is about building relationships, it's a long-term approach, it's about adding value at all levels, helping keep your agency front of mind so that when the time's right, you will be considered. 

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