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Let's put a stop to your "feast or famine cycle" of new clients. You could do it alone, but you don't have to. With my coaching & mentoring support, you'll discover my new business development strategies so you will prosper & thrive. 

Lucy Snell,

Agency New Business Coach & Mentor


I'm just the person you've been looking for. That person who will get you confident in winning new clients. Helping you every step of the way to get you on the path to better, more ideal clients...clients you would actually love to work with!

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Debbie Oatley,
Grace Design
"I'm finally confident in what I'm saying and it's working!"

Trina Andraeson,
Glass Canvas
"I recommend Lucy if you need a new business boost!"

Louisa Plant,
"Lucy is the best new business person in the industry!"

Jon Phillips
Digital Strategist
"Her Academy provides a complete toolkit for elevating your agency."

Patrick Olszowski
Outrageous Impact
"Lucy’s training is absolutely excellent & helped me clarify my offer"

Richard Coope
"The Agency Growth Academy provides focus, clarity, and structure."

Learn to love new business development 


With my support and guidance, you too can get more strategic about new business development and land those bigger clients you've been lusting after 

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