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Simple way to build your email list

agency marketing Mar 24, 2021

So if you are on my email list, it's most likely from clicking on an ad or social media post. This would be a great way for you to get more new business into your agency. For three reasons: 

  1. Very few agencies are doing this well, if at all!
  2. It’s simple and once set up, can work in the background allowing you to focus on the important stuff.
  3. It helps your audience get to know you - so you can build up that “know, like & trust” factor. 

Add Automation into Your Agency Marketing

Here’s a quick summary of how it works:

  • Get clear on your audience - do the audience persona exercise in my New Business Playbook if you haven’t done so already. Understand their challenges / what keeps them awake at night.
  • Create a “freebie”  (the technical term is an opt-in) - something short and simple that will help them with their challenge. It’s important that you lead with value and that it will help them solve a business problem. This doesn’t have to be a long ebook, in fact no-one has time to read them anymore. It could be a short video, an infographic, a checklist, a list of resources etc. 
  • Set up the tech - you’ll need a landing page like this one with an opt-in form and an email sequence to run over 5 days (like mine) set up inside an email marketing platform. If you want more specific advice on what to use, just let me know.
  • Run an ad - run some ads on Instagram, Google, Linkedin, Facebook (wherever your audience is and what works within your budget).
  • Post your landing page everywhere -make sure you have call to action all over your website (again check out mine), also have it pinned to your Twitter, in your Instagram bio, and on your LinkedIn profile. It's great to get leads through your paid advertising but even better to get them for free ;-)

  • Do what others DON’T do - even though all this is automated, don’t sit back and watch the leads come in! Now you can add your magic. Keep an eye on who is opting in, craft some really bespoke approaches to those. Don’t just rely on email, do what others aren’t doing - perhaps send a short personalised video or leave a voice note via LinkedIn or Instagram. Keep building that personal relationship.

  • Add them to a list to get your weekly / monthly newsletter - again make sure this adds value and isn’t a round-up of what your agency has been up to. That’s just boring I’m afraid and won’t get you anywhere.

Try this strategy, keep it simple and let me know how it works. Don’t forget to monitor who is engaging with your content, opening your emails, clicking on links and follow up with them. The aim is to start having conversations and meetings with people so that when they have a brief, you'll get given it.

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