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15 Reasons to Join my Agency Growth Academy

new business culture Mar 26, 2021

New business is the lifeblood of any creative agency, some agencies however just can’t afford to hire an in-house new business team. If you would like to be winning more business but don’t have the budget to hire someone, don’t let this hold you back. You too can learn the skills to sell your services and there’s no-one who understands your business better than you, so you are in a great place to do this. Sometimes you just need the confidence to get out there and also know some of the tricks and processes to make new business that little bit easier.

Discover how to do new business development yourself

Investing in training, mentoring and support can be the best way to learn the skills you need as well as having the guidance to make sure you are saying and doing the right things to make your agency stand out. The Agency Growth Academy has been designed to help agency owners quickly understand the basics of new business. It’s an investment – not only money but also your time and I understand it can be hard to decide whether it’s right for you. 

These 15 reasons to join The Agency Growth Academy might just help you decide whether it’s right for you:

1. It’s designed with agencies in mind

Having worked with agencies for 20 years I know how busy you all are. This programme has been designed with your stretched resources in mind. It’s delivered in small, bite-size format so you can learn a lot in as little time as possible

2. It’s only suitable for creative, marketing & digital agencies

This is my speciality, this is where I’ve learnt all my new business strategies. I only work with agencies. Selling a creative service is very different to selling IT support or another business service. All of the content in the Academy is about selling agency services.

3. You get my 121 support throughout

This should actually be the Number 1 reason to join. It’s the reason I created The Agency Growth Academy as I felt that most new business training workshops lacked the 121 support needed. When you are creating content, drafting new business emails, implementing new business campaigns you need feedback, you need to know that what you are doing is right. I’ll be there each step of the way to help you and guide you.

4. You’ll build confidence

This should be number 1! It's the main feedback I have had from agencies who have gone through the academy. My focus is to build your confidence, help you overcome your fears and get you loving the art of new business development!

5. It’s what agencies need

I’ve spent months researching agencies, finding out what new business skills they lack, what they would like more support on and how they would like to learn and it’s all been distilled into this simple programme.

6. It’s structured in the right way

I cover everything from new business strategy, through to implementation and building a strong new business culture. It has all the stuff in there that you need but most importantly none of the stuff that you don’t need. Invest in The Agency Growth Academy and you will get everything you need in one place, which you will have access to forever.

7. It’s not just training!

I don’t just want agencies to learn, I want you to win more business and grow! With that in mind, in the Academy, I am providing all the templates, documents, workbooks you will need. Things like: my agency positioning template, my growth strategy workbook and examples of new business emails that I use that work.

8. You will get peer support

It’s hard being responsible for new business in an agency, you can sometimes feel quite isolated and it’s hard to motivate yourself. You will have access to a private Slack Group of other Academy members where you can share ideas, ask questions, and learn from other agencies owners/new business execs.

9.  You will learn the best way to sell your services

Summing up your agency proposition in a compelling way is tricky! I have some great tools to help you find your strengths and position your agency as THE authority.

10.  You will adopt great habits

I’ll encourage you ditch what’s not working and help you adopt the habits you’ll need to build a strong new business pipeline, now and forever.

11.  I will be holding you accountable

Sometimes new business efforts fail because you aren’t consistent. I get it! New business is hard and yet so easy to put off especially when client deadlines approach and there are other agency issues to deal with. But being consistent is THE key to new business success so part of the Academy is making you accountable. I’ll be keeping a close eye on your weekly goals and helping you make sure you stick to them.

12.  You will become confident in selling

Many creative agency owners feel icky when it comes to selling, they feel like they are pestering, being sleazy and they fear rejection. If that’s you, then the Academy is definitely for you. I will teach you the art of new business phone calls and how to use the right language that you’re comfortable with. Selling is actually less about the selling and more about building relationships.

13.  You will learn how to follow up with prospects

Most prospects are too busy to come back to you, to reply to emails, to return your phone calls. They get so many approaches every day from agencies and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not interested if they don’t come back to you. I will teach you my number one technique for following up. I use this technique every single day when working with agencies and it works like a treat!

14.  You will learn how to manage and keep track of it all

I will show you how you can keep track of everything you are doing in one simple system. I will help you build your database in a smart, segmented and scalable way.

15.  You can finally get excited about your agency’s future

Yes! I’m confident that I can help you and by enrolling in the Agency Growth Academy, you can finally take control and get excited about your agency’s future as you will have your new business strategy nailed by the end of the programme.

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