My Top 5 Favourite Agency Podcasts

Who doesn’t love podcasts? I almost want to take up running so I can have more time to listen to podcasts! Usually I plug in my headphones on my train journey to London but I always find it hard to decide which one to listen to. Here are some of my favourite ones that the moment which I think Agency owners will find most useful.

  1. JFDI - this podcast by Matt Miller from Millsustwo is raw, honest and entertaining. He talks about “just f**king doing something - stop procrastinating,...
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My Top 5 Favourite Blogs for Agency Owners

There’s so much content out there, it got to a point where I had to start unsubscribing to all the newsletters I had signed up for but there are a few blogs and newsletters I do read on a weekly basis. A few where I know each week, I will get some valuable insight that I can share with agency owners. This is going to be a short blog post where I simply give you some links to the blogs I read on a regular basis. I hope you find them as useful as I do:

  1. The Duval Partnership - this is a...
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