How to craft an agency positioning that stands out

Often Marketing Directors complain that all agencies say the same thing and there’s little to differentiate one agency over another.

"Your positioning statement or elevator pitch needs to stand out, it should be unique and above all tell the customer exactly what you do."

Having a clear positioning will help you set yourself apart from the competition and attract the best possible clients. Read below for my 5 key steps that you should follow when crafting your agency positioning.


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Is the phone dead in new business?

So I was recently asked to speak at a DBA training event and given the topic of “What’s New in New Business”.

I’ve been working in new business for well over 15 years now, always in the same industry, helping digital, design and communications agencies get more clients. Over these years the landscape has changed a bit – marketing and brand directors field their calls, there are systems that can auto filter emails, competition is fierce and agencies need to do...

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Sales Calls – 10 amazing tips

Too many people are afraid of making that sales call, you know the one you have been putting off for ages? Whether it’s to make an initial introduction or to follow up on a meeting that you had. It’s natural, we fear rejection but to grow your business – whatever business you are in – you need to get over that fear.

10 amazing tips to get the most out of your sales call

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of that sales call.

1. Fail to plan, plan to fail...

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How to write a new business email that won’t get deleted

Marketing and brand directors get hundreds of emails every day – many which end up in the trash. Here are some tips to help make sure yours get read.

Keep it short
Longer is definitely not better. Everyone is busy and people get too many emails, your audience will need to be able to quickly scan read your email. If it looks too long or doesn’t get to the point straight away then it will get deleted. Think about the first few lines of your email – this is usually what people...

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Learn my one trick to follow up on a new business email

So you’ve spent time researching your prospect, looking them up on social media, reading the media section of their website, reviewing the business strategy section on their corporate website and crafting an email that’s really tailored to their challenges and needs.

You are excited to hit the send button because this is an email you have really put a lot of effort into, one that is bound to hit the spot. Eagerly you keep checking your email for their response, you look at...

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